disk/drive is not formatted

Hi all,

I have a 64 gb Wireless Flash Drive and when I plug it to my usb port and open it I get an error “disk/drive not formatted”. From the properties I see that it’s recognized as a raw drive, with 0 b available.

With my Mac works fine, though.

What can I do?

Thanks in advance

it sounds like the micro sd card in the WFD may be bad. If you have another one you can test a different card. if it works the micro SD is bad and would need to be replaced. For warranty replacement contact sandisk support. 

Thanks, but if I try to use it with other devices (iphone, mac ecc.) it works fine, it just happens with the machine in which Windows Xp is installed. Could it be that I don’t have admin rights?

I thought of formatting the sd card to fat32 or NTFS, so I’d be sure it would be recognised. Would I mess the whole thing up?

there is an exFAT patch for XP. I would try that first. 


Problem is I don’t have admin rights, so I couldn’t install the patch

ah I see. the card can be reformatted to FAT32. (NTFS is not supported by the WFD) but you will need a tool like HP Disk storage format tool as Windows does not allow partitions larger than 32GB for FAT32 and you will have the limits of the FAT32 file system. no single file larger than 4GB etc.