32gb wireless flash drive formated

Hello all,

I inadvertly formated the drive and would like to re-format back to orignal. But for the love of it I can not find the software to put it back to factory. Could someone point me to the location so I can fix this.

I tried using SanDisk Media Manager but that does not work because I get a error msg and it does not start up. My system is 8.1 on a dell 8010 tablet.


Hello all

Well I got it going again with using the correct format tool. Don’t use the windows format tool because it will mess it up. Look for a SD format tool and at least it will let it work again minus the SanDisk software.

Note to administrators:

Please add a sticky with a link to the factory software. This will fix a lot of your answering of questions.


Formatting the card does not erase the FW of the WFD. The WFD is actually a reader and the FW is stored in a location that can not be erased. You can just format the card using normal Windows format with default settings. One thing to note is the 16 and 32GB versions of the WFD can only use FAT32 file system as exFAT is not supported. 

thanks for the reply.

I was not having trouble with the FW or the WFD only having trouble with the format of the card, but I have since correct that problem. The windows format utility for some reason didn’t function correctly for me. I had to download a third party bit of software. But its all good now, is there a link location for the factory software on this site. I have not been able to find one.