Use 64GB Micro SD card in 32GB WFD

Greetings! I have read (on Amazon) that it is possible to use a 64GB Micro SD card in a 32GB WFD, if you first do a FAT-32 format of the Micro SD card. Is this correct? Sandisk Chat says this is incorrect.

Assuming Chat is wrong, and I do the FAT-#@ format of the Micro SD card, is there anything else I need to do to use the card in the 32GB WFD? How is the file structure created so that there are the Documents, Music, Photos, and Videos folders? Do I have to do that manually, or will the WFD do that automatically, once I FAT-32 format the card and insert it?

Thank you.

the compatibility issue is related to the exFAT file system so if you format in FAT32 it will work. you will of course be limited by the FAT32 file system limitations i.e. no single file larger than 4GB but it will work. 

Thank you. Will it still give full 64GB use?

yes you can use the full 64GB but like I said the FAT32 limitations will be present. You also will not be able to use a Windows machine to format the 64GB card as FAT32 as Windows limits FAT32 volumes to 32GB. You will need a third party tool like HP disk storage format tool. 

All I can find is “HP USB disk storage format tool.” Is that the one?

yes that is the one

Many thanks!

Well, I tried to use the HP USB Disk Storage Format tool, but it would not work. It kept saying the partition was too big. I then formatted using FAT32 in the Windows formatting tool . That worked fine, and gives the full 64GB. Go figure!