NTFS Support


Copying my 8gb .mkv files has failed due to the fat32 format that the mobile app only supports (iOS)

Is there going to be an update to the app that can support NTFS or even exfat?


NTFS will not be supported. A FW update is planned for later this year that will support exFAT so you will not see issues with large files after the update comes out. 

That’s good news.  Any idea what the timeframe for this update will be?

I ran into the Fat32 wall this morning trying to copy a 6GB file over to the drive.

sorry we do not have a timeframe for the release. 

This FW update has not yet been finalized and may not be backwards compatible with existing Connect Wireless Flash Drives. Full details will be available once the FW is released.

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Please support ex-fat format as most of my files are beyond 4gb FAT32 limit. When do you think we can expect the firmware upgrade as my main intention of buying the device is in vain as of now.

Any updates on this?  I will be very disappointed if you aren’t able to make the update compatible with existing drives.

Hello?  Any update?

exFAT will only be supported on WFD products that come natively with 64GB card (available very soon). WFD products that ship with 16 or 32GB will not be compatible with exFAT file system. 

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If I have the 32GB model can I upgrade the card to get the exFat capability or is it the device itself that is different?  If it is only the card please tell me which 64GB card I need to get.  Thanks!

The actual drive is different. If the drive was shipped with 16 or 32GB cards it cannot be upgraded to work with exFAT. You can reformat a 64GB card in FAT 32 and it will work but you will be limited to single files smaller than 4GB

This is very disappointing.  We were first promised we would exFAT support with a firmware update and then they backtracked on that.

I think it will work now according to this.  Please correct me if I’m wrong.


exFAT is still only supported on drives that were shipped with a 64GB card. if the WFD was shipped with a 16 or 32GB card you can use a 64 but you will need to reformat it in FAT32. 

Disapointing doesn’t come close.

6 years after ExFat’s release and you won’t support it or NTFS. Isn’t the point of this device to stream media? HD movies typically exceed 4GB and I can’t stream them because Sandisk will not embrace relevant filesystems that evem MAC supports.

Had I known this limitation (not cited in your user or QS manual) prior to purchase I never would have bought it. More than two weeks to find this out and returniing it is no longer a option. I count that as $60 wasted.

Not the 1st time your policies have burned me but I think it will be the last. I am stuck with a useless ‘wireless’ drive that is nothing more than a grossly overpriced 32GB flash drive I could have gotten for a sixth the price.from another mfgr.

Disgusted is a far more accurate label.

I think it will eventually support NTFS but it may take time to develop it though. Unfortunate but that will be the case here.

I am also not impressed, seriously even the cheapest meadia player support ntfs. 80% of my movies will not be able to be played as they are over 4gb? I would even be happy with exfat.

Sandisk, lift the game…