Fat 32 to NTFS

This device has been out for a while.  Will larger transferred files be supported any time soon?

only the Wireless flash drive that comes in 64GB capacity supports exFAT. If you have a 16 or 32GB WFD you can only use FAT32. As far as I have heard there are no plans to change that. 

Fat32 supported the maximum file size is 4mb. If you want to dowaload the file size up 4mb, you have to convert FAT32 to NTFS.

*You can use command.exe (convert.ext ):

Start- CMD-type convert disk:/fs:ntfs/-Enter

This process can not damage your data, but it will waste lots of time. When you go on this process, the disk you want to concert file system must have some free space. If there is not much more free space, it cannot be supported to convert. By the way, in different operating system, the convert.ext has different limitation. And it can not be converted back to FAT32.

*Also, you can format data to convert file system. This is not be suggested.

*If you want to convert file system conveniently, the third-party manager tools can be used. 

you cannot use NTFS on the Wireless flash drive. the only supported file system for the 16 and 32GB WFD is FAT32. 

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Fat32 supported the single file maximum size is 4gb.

@peacock921 wrote:

Fat32 supported the single file maximum size is 4gb.

That is correct.