Some useful tips

Here are some tips on using Sandisk Wireless Flash Drive:

  • You can use cards with more capacity than 32GB if you format them in FAT32 (see ). You are still limited to filesize of 4GB though. Sandisk promised support to ExFAT on a future firmware release, which will enable files bigger than 4GB;

  • You can use the AirStash+ App to access the drive on iOS, which is better than the Sandisk app, allowing you to open files with other apps;

  • You can access the files through WebDAV protocol. The address of the device can be obtained with the AirStash+ App mentioned above;

  • My primary way to access my files is through WebDAV with the FileBrowser app ( ).

Hope this helps.

exFAT may not be supported on current devices even after the FW update is released.