Mac Book Pro Ruined my Sansa? >.< PLEASE HELP!!!!!

So, I just got my Mac Book Pro yesterday and I’m toatally geeked except for one small problem. I plugged my Sansa clip up to my Mac, not only do the music files not open, but when I disconnect it, the songs refuse to play! The Artist and Title still show up, but the track doesnt play! And the pause button stays on, even when I click play, it still doesnt play.

I also tried plugging it back up to a PC, but it plays some tracks, not all. It also freezes when I try to turn to the next song.

Please help! I love my Mac, but I hope  it hasn’t totally ruined my Sansa! :cry:

1.  Are the files in a format the Clip+ can play?  It doesn’t play aac files.

2.  In transferring files, a Mac can create “ghost files” that can choke a non-Apple device (audio devices, cameras, etc.).  To handle that, you can use freeware such as KopyMac and Hidden Cleaner to transfer the files.

I hope this helps–

Get hold of a copy of “Hidden Cleaner”, it’s free. Make sure you have the “Hidden Cleaner” icon on the Desktop.

Then make sure your Clip+ is set to MSC Mode and NOT Auto or anything else. It’s a setting on the Clip+ itself.

Then connect the Clip+ to your Mac without any media card installed. Don’t do anything to the Icon but just drag it to the “Hidden Cleaner” icon and let it eject. It might take longer than usual if it’s the first time or if you have loaded a lot of files.

Then try the Clip+ and see if it’s now OK.

If not you probably need to format it from the Clip+'s Menu and reload your files but always eject with “Hidden Cleaner”.

If possible load files onto any media cards with a separate card reader and eject with “Hidden Cleaner”.

The files are in mp3 format. I recently took all the files off of my Sansa and put the on a jump drive. Then I I formatted the meemory card. I’m going to put the songs back on the Sansa using a PC and see what happens. Also, it may be important to note that my Sansa is a clip and not a clip+.

Thanks for all the help! Anymore suggestions?

I was going to try that after seeing a video on how to use non-ipod devices on a Mac on They said to do the same thing. Can I do that even after I 've formatted my memory card?

Also, I have a Sansa clip, not a clip+ (yeah, it’s that old:cry:)

Thanks for all the help!:smiley:

As noted above, likely the Mac transfer issue, likely easily handled by using KopyMac or Hidden Cleaner. You likely won’t have the issue with a PC.

Where can I download KoyMac or Hidden Cleaner? Is it free?

Also, here’s a new development : I just hooked my Sansa up to a  Pc, and I found that all of my tracks sound distorted!! They sound like this one track I have on my Sansa (I think it was the last one I was playing before I hooked it up to the Mac where it went berserker >.< ) and it just keeps skipping and skipping!!! All of the songs I had on my Sansa (that I transferred to my flash drive in order to save) sound like this!!!

Will KopyMac or Hidden Cleaner restore my music files back to how they originally were?

@mjbitz18 wrote:

Where can I download KoyMac or Hidden Cleaner? Is it free?


Google is your friend.

@mjbitz18 wrote:


Will KopyMac or Hidden Cleaner restore my music files back to how they originally were?



Chances are the files themselves are OK; there’s a glitch somewhere causing them to sound like that. I’d format the player’s (and the card’s) memory and re-load everything using the Hidden Cleaner software.