M250 USB issues

Ive had my M250 for about a year now and recently, it is not able to connect to my computer. In MSC mode it works fine but I can transfer music that way. In auto detect it will ask me how I wish to open it (through Windows media player, winamp or do nothing). No matter which of these that I chose it will not allow me to open it and change my music. I instaled the firm ware updater but when I attempt to update it, it will not allow me to update it. It shows the latest version but will not allow me to click on the “Download now” button becasue it is greyed out and unclickable.

I have check to make sure that there are no problems on my end, my USB slots on my computer are fine, and I have been keeping good care of my M250. And yes, I did watch the “How to” video and follow it step by step up to the point where it tells me to download the latest firmware update. 

Any and all help is apperciteted, thanks in advance.

Well, because no one is answering, let me ask a better question.

Is there anyway I could repair it somehow without shippping it off somewhere? Or is it best if I buy a new one?