My M240 will not connect to the computer

I have e-mailed Sandisk Support 4 days ago and have not received a reply so hopefully someone here can help me. I only had my player for a week. Had no problems installing music and playing it. I connected the USB cable to my computer to delete songs and add new ones but it will not connect. The player says it’s connected. I’ve tried using the MTP and the MSC mode, but neither will pop up the Exployer box nor does it show under ‘My Computer’. My daughter has the same player and used the same USB cable as mine, hers shows up just fine on my computer. I also tried resetting the factory default and that did not work either.

when you turn it on, does it turn on just fine or does it freeze on the sandisk logo?

I just got my m240 and cannot even download songs to the player from realplayer.  I have tried to run the installation CD supplied by SanDisk but it redirects me to a page telling me I have to download WMP11, which I did.  I have software version 4.0.44 on my m240 and the current SanDisk Download page says that the firmware updater is not compatible with version software.  What is the deal?  This seems way to hard.

No, it says the Firmware Update will not work with
But the Sansa Firmware Updater will. There is a
difference. Download the Sansa Firmware Updater.
Then make sure your in MSC mode by going to the
Settings- USB on the Player. Connect to your computer
and download the Latest Firmware. Switch back to
MTP/Auto Detect.   :robottongue:

Then Click here and see if these help

And Click these

M240  User Guide Click Here-pdf

when turn on the M250 only appearing on the display finalizing update.

It doesn’t freeze, it goes from logo to writing to reading then it says it’s connected. It then just stays there and it doesn’t show on my computer.

Your email is not in our system. If possible, re-send your email to or submit the request through Ebox on

Your player does sound defective, contact one of our Technical Support agents and have them confirm this for you. Once this is done the RMA process should take place. We recieve hundreds of new request a day so please allow up to two days for a response.

If a response is not recieved in that alloted time, please call the support line and inquire about the email, or write again. There is no reason the users questions/comments or concerns should not be answered within that reasonable time frame.

Same problem with me.Do you have any solution for this?