M250 problem

I have never had a problem with this player before, its about 2 years old, and always worked well. Until now.

When I plugged it into my computer, it wasn’t reading it, just had a little mp3 pictures(which was also new) and Sansa mp3, do drive, which it would usually always go into (J: ) Also, the safetly remove USB thing doesnt come up, its like its not reading my mp3, but its reads the recordings.

All the songs I have on it don’t show up and i couldn’t add any to it either. I didn’t do anything different, i updated my windows media player from 10 to 11, but otherwise, nothing!

I don’t know whats wrong, and its really starting to bug me. Any help???

Message Edited by fanch_92 on 10-05-2008 03:20 PM