I just purchased a used m250. The first time I connected it to my computer it connected perfectly.

I loaded music on it and used it for a day. It still plays the files on the player but it won’t connect to the computer

anymore. I get the message…

One of the USB devices attached to this computer has
malfunctioned, and Windows does not recognize it…

The display on the m250 says ‘connecting’ then it goes to the song title display

and I get the above message

I have tried MSC and MTP, I’ve changed cables and computers

I’ve reinstalled drivers

no change

I can’t flash the firmware because it won’t connect

Is there a button combination where I can force a reset on the unit?

Any other help would be appreciated.

Thank You

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There is a reset on the unit. I don’t know that it will help.
It is in the settings section of the unit’s menu.

Do you have any kind of warrantee?

I did use the ‘reset all’ option under the settings menu. It did not help. No warranty. it was used and $13.00 so returning it would really not be worth it. Thanks

that device sounds like its fubar

So there isn’t a way to start the player in recovery mode like the c series?
I was hoping I could power up and hold down a button or something.
The internal flash memory is still woking because I can play the files. I’m thinking the firmware is corrupted.

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I’m having the same problem with my m260.  It’ll play the songs it has just fine, but my computer is unable to recognize it as a disk, so that I can make changes to the content.

Does anyone have any ideas?

what happens when you connect it to the computer? wat does it say on the screen of the player? did changing modes help? what OS?

I have Win XP Sp2
When connected the unit displays normally at first
first ‘initializing’
then switches to
USB connected
with circle that is half black
and either MTP
or MSC
depending on which way it has been set
after about 2 seconds the unit’s screen changes to the regular play mode display
and the device not recognized comes up on the computer

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sorry to say, but it sounds defective.

Thanks, Ive upgraded to an e250 refurbished anyway which I love

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If you haven’t thrown the defective one yet, you might try this:


Hope that helps.

I have a working 512MB model, I don’t know about swapping memory with it though. I think it uses different firmware.
Maybe I’ll try. Thanks