M250 sync error


I have a sansa m250. when i tryed to sync my playlists it worked for most files, but gave me a list of files that could not be transfered because as it said these files might not be compitable (i should say that they do work if copied by dragging and dropping).the device was formatted before and had nothing on it.

could it be because some files belong to 2 or 3 diffrent playlists?

how do i fix this problem? and get all the files to be coppied and still belong to more than 1 playlist?

please help thank you Eran

i was under the impression that you only have the file once on your device, and the playlist just links to that file. wherever it may be. Meaning the song does not take up twice as much space for being on multiple playlist…What if you just load all your music on it by drag and drop first, and then transfer playlist (with the songs already being on the player)?

thank you for your answer.

you are right the songs even if on diffrent playlists are only once on the device.

though when you try to dragand drop a playlist file the device says that it doesnt play this kind of files…

maybe  theres another way to do it that i dont know of?

what happens if you

1.) drag and drop all your music to the player

2.) create a playlist of songs that are already on your player via WMP

3.) sync that playlist to the player

does it work?

thanks for your answers man im sorry it takes me so much time to answer im doing this chain while travelling in india

no… unfortunetly not.

what happens is that it the files that i had dragged will be copied but when ill creat the playlists on the computer and try to copy them two things might happen:

1.if ill do it through media player it will just try to copy the same files again and will probebely run out of space for it.

2.if ill just try to copy the file itself it will say that this is not amedia file and will not copy…

any ideas?

You want too copy just the list on WMP, not the song files. Sync the playlist and then unchech all of the songs. That should work.