Frustrated trying to get m250 player to synchronize properly

Is there something generally wrong with this product? Everytime I synchronize with Windows Media Player I get different results it seems. A couple times it wiped out my playlist but most of the time it doesn’t synchronize with some unusual error message. So what I’ve been doing is once I get a good sync to work, I leave it.

So yesterday, I tried to sync it with Windows Media Player to just try and add a few songs to it that where in the same directory as all my other MP3s. It goes through them all and says it “Does not fit on the device” and then lists all the songs including the ones I wanted to add. So nothing got added and it basically left all the songs that were on m250 in tact. Tried this like 5 times and it did the same thing everytime. I think my only solution is to format my m250 and try to synchronize fresh. Is that my only solution?

I am frustrated with this mp3 player…Please help…

Hello Ashultis, Welcome to the SanDisk Community Forums!

Does not fit on device from Windows Media Player, is usually Indicating that the player is full, and cannot hold any more music on it.  If that is the case, then you will have to delete some music, to give you room to add the new music you want.

How much free space is on the device?

According to my device, it says I have 194Mb of space available. I am only adding 4 or 5 songs which are 3-5Mb each. I’ve also tried deleting a few of the songs I had on the device anyways to save some more room.

I should also add that if the device is full - I should see most of my library under “Already on Device” instead of 98% of my library under Does Not Fit on Device. That doesn’t make any sense to me.

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Hi again

WMP10, will retransfer an infinite amount of duplicate songs, if you instruct it to.    WMP11, is smarter, and does not transfer duplicates.

are you able to transfer songs by copying and pasting or Drag and Dropping?

Alright, I will try installing WMP 11 and see if that helps. I’ve tried to figure out how to do the drag and drop idea (because that’d be my preferred method) but I’ve been unable to figure out how to do that. I should try harder again tonight to see if that’s possible.

How To Drag-and-Drop, thought this might help. I personally prefer this method as I like to keep tabs on my music and where its located according to my own system.