M240 BB510 series Mp3 player not recognised in MTP or MSC either

the product is M240 with a firmware 1.0.0 A
product number BB0510FG083144
I have been using M240 1GB, since 1 and half years never got a problem, but recently its not getting recognised on my PC both with MTP and MSC settings, i downloaded the firmware updater but it is not workig because the mp3 player is not getting recognised. tell me a way… i use it as both an mp3 player and a usb drive. waiting for your reply.

well it woould appear that im having a similar problem - my m240 is a similar age and has worked faultlessly until now, and my problem could be with my pc- my m240 hooks up to my wifes laptop but not to my pc as it had without fail until recently- it is interesting to note that someone said that WMP 11 solved their problem as i have only recently downoaded WMP 11 and was wondering if it is resopnsible or a coincidence- its a little inconvenient for me but not the end of the earth but if someone could find/ suggest a fix it would be appreciated.

Well, mine doesn’t work in none of them. I think the USB port has some problem. Can anybody tell me a sollution.