PC Stops Recognizing Sansa m240

OK, mine’s not a new story…  My Sansa m240 was working fine with WMP11.  But slower than mole’s asses in January.  So I formatted it and tried to drag and drop through Windows Explorer.  No go.  The m240 lit up when connedted, but my PC just wan’t seeing it.

I’ve seen tons of forums filled with similar questions.  Problem is, that none of the answers permanently fixed the problem…

So here’s my solution so far…  (It’s a bit long, and very imperfect, so if anyone can streamline it, please do.)

Open the Device Manager

If there is a non working MTP device, uninstall it

Connect the Sansa m240 to the PC

Run the ‘Add Hardware’ wizard

Select ‘Yes’ and click ‘Next’

Scroll to the bottom and select ‘Add a new hardware device’

Click ‘Next’

Select ‘Search automatically’

Click ‘Next’

Of course, Windows won’t find the m240…

Click ‘Next’

Select ‘Portable Devices’ from the list of hardware types

Click ‘Next’

Select ‘Standard MTP-Compliant Device’ on the left and ‘MTP Device’ on the right

Click ‘Next’

Click ‘Next’

The wizard will tell you that the ‘device cannot start’

Click finish

In the Device Manager, open ‘Portable Devices.’

Right-click on ‘MTP Device’ and select ‘Disable’

Click 'Yes’

Right-click on ‘MTP Device’ and select ‘Enable’

A ‘System Settings Change’ window will pop-up asking you to restart the computer.


Unplug the m240 and then plug it back in

Right-click on ‘MTP Device’ and select ‘Update Driver…’

Select ‘Install automatically’ and click ‘Next’

Click ‘Finish’

Leave the m240 plugged in and reboot the PC

Open the Device Manager,

Right-click on ‘MTP Device’ and select ‘Uninstall’

Click ‘OK’

From here on out you will have to:

Plug in the m240

Reboot the PC

Unplug the m240

Plug in the m240

There, problem solved…  Wasn’t that easy?

Seriously, though, can anyone make sense of this?  What’s missing?  Is there a patch or somthing? 

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Thanks for posting this–I just had the same problem and your step-by-step was a great guideline and now my sansa is back up and runnin OK again on the PC–would’ve wasted hours if it wasn’t for your post…Thanks again!!!

Hey no prob.  I’ve realized that, at least for me, I have to have the m240 turned on, before I restart my computer. Otherwise it won’t recognize the player…