my computer window not recognize

in the past, my m240 can be automatically found in the “my computer” window. it was recognized as media storage. now, “my computer” window does not seem to detect it but “device computer” seem to detect it. it clearly shows “SanDisk Sansa m240”. how do i get this to work?

Did you switch modes? Try switching modes and try it.
Go to Settings on the m240 player menu. Select USB
then select a different mode either Auto Detect/MTP
or MSC.

it’s on auto detect. should i use MSC.

If it was on MSC when any files were transfered to the player they
can only be viewed when on MSC. Try switching modes and
see what happens.

Review the User Guide and How To Videos.
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I have 2 Sansa m250 devices.  I originally used WMP to send music files to them, perhaps 6 months ago, with little difficulty. Just recently I wanted to add some more files and can no longer see any of the music files on either device using WIndows Explorer, or WMP and on several different PCs running Win2K, WinXP.

USB is set to autodetect - always has been. Setting to MSC does not help.

Did you set the folder option to “show hidden folders” ?
Those folders you mean usually are hidden.
Maybe you forgot about that :wink:

Yup, I have everything viewable.

Have you tried to reformat?

  1. What does that do - erase all my music?

And why would BOTH devices require that?

So the way it works…

  • You have the player in MTP mode and you load 5 songs; we can call the song names a,b,c,d,e

  • You have the player in MSC mode and you load 5 more songs;these songs will be 1,2,3,4,5

  • Now the player has a total of 10 songs. You have songs a,b,c,d,e and 1,2,3,4,5

  • If you want to delete a,b,c,d,e then you have to connect the player in MTP (successfully, just because you select MTP mode on the player does not mean the computer can see it in MTP)

  • If you want to delete 1,2,3,4,5 then you will need to put the player in MSC mode to see the files.


It will tell you what mode the player is in on the LCD screen of the player itself.

If the player shows as “removable disk” inside of “My Computer”, then its being detected as MSC mode. This can sometimes happen even if you selected MTP on the player itself. This scenario would require some MTP troubleshooting.

This has changed on newer players such as e200. e200 owners are able to select MTP mode and un-hide folders to view all of the content on the device.

If you are still unable to find your specific tunes, then this means one of two things. You dont know the folder hierarchy and simply can’t find it; when it really is there. Or corrupt data; which can be fixed usually with a format and a reloading of your tunes. More often then not, its the first one.

*MTP = Auto Detect = Plays for sure

*MSC = Rhapsody Mode = Mass Storage Device

I have a m250 if that matters…

  1. I did not load songs in 2 different methods (unless Windows did that for me)  Regardless, I should be able to see the songs in ONE of the methods now, no?

  2. The LCD screen tells me MSC

  3. I certainly know my way around the PC well enough to unhide hidden files, find the correct directory etc.  All Windows shows me is the Ssansa as my H: drive, and in it are three folders (RECORD CONFIG, AUDIBLE) with none of my music files in any of them.

I appreciate the help.


Have you tried switching to MTP/Auto Detect mode to see if they’re
viewable? Go to the m250 menu and find Settings, then USB.
Then select switch from MSC to MTP. Now see if you can
see anything.  

Review the User Guide and Videos for detailed instruction.
                                                                            Click Here

Well, even though the LCD says MSC when I have the m250 plugged into the PC’s USB jack, if I unplug the USB and start the m250 and go to the settings menu, it says Autodetect.