Sansa m240 files missing on PC, but play fine on player

I have a Sansa m240 that only shows 4 albums on the PC and in WIndows Media Player. However, the SanDisk is full of other music that I can listen to just fine, but can’t detect on the computer.

FYI, I have tried it on my Windows XP computer as well as my Windows 7 computer.

I have confirmed that the SanDisk settings are set to “USB.” 

And I’ve adjusted my Windows 7 options to reveal “hidden files and folders.”

But nothing works. I was hoping to transfer that music off the MP3 player and back onto my computer, but I can’t even get to it.

Any advice would be appreciated! :confounded: 

There are actually 2 USB modes on this player , Auto Detect (referred to as Auto Defect by most) and MSC. The Auto Setting automatically selects the USB connection mode and defaults to MTP mode whenever possible.

Files loaded in one mode are not visible by your computer (or you) when connected in the other. Switch your USB mode to the other one, plug into your computer and check. I’m sure you’ll find all your ‘missing’ music files.