low volume on sansdisk clip player


I own a Sansdisk 8GB clip mp3 player which I listen to with a pair of upper end shure in ear headphones.

When I turn the volume all the way to its max, the music playback just is not loud enough to suit my personal needs.

Do I need a different pair of headphones? Or is this very unusualand I should send my unit back to sandisk?

I sure am appreciative of anyones help with this issue; I have never had this problem with any of the many othercompact music players i have used over the years.

I love the player itself; it is so easy to use and so compact.

If I can just get this lack of enough volume problem under control, I will be extremely happy.

Thanks, in advance, for anyone who can help me with this isssue out in “the forum world”.


ps. feel free to contact me directly at ehbasin-9903@yahoo.com

Frank, which country’s version of the firmware do you have?  At least the EU version limits the volume.

For the U.S. version, the volume can be limited as well, but it’s an option; under Settings, Volume, make sure High is selected to avoid that. 

I have mid-range Shure IEMs and I never get to the top of the volume.  You might want to try a “lesser” paid of phones and see if there’s any difference.  Without knowing what I’m talking about, could it be that the Clip’s amp is not powerful enough to drive a high end pair of Shures adequately (and would a mini-amp like the FiiO E5 help with that)?  Please, let’s hear from someone who knows this stuff …

With my Shure SE420s, I am always in the low to mid (at most) volume range on my 8G Clip. These are very sensitive, enough to reveal a bit of background hiss. Unless you are bothered by that bit of hiss, an amp is about the last thing needed in such a setup. I’d try cross-checking with other 'phones. And of course, leave the adjustable Shure volume control in the box…

Does the volume limiting thing still exist? With 2.01.32F firmware, Language = English and FM Region = World, I can select either the “Normal” or “High” volume ranges. The latter doesn’t make a groundbreaking difference but may be handy for quiet tracks on those 600 ohm oldie cans (and yes, I am using some with my Clip).

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You could select normal or high on all the previous european firmware versions.  The volume levels were no different to the US firmware as far as I could tell (and yes I have used both).

Thanks for the correction as to the volume limitation in Europe–guess it’s been done away with over time (I use the U.S. version) …

Make sure the headphone plug is pushed into the jack fully. No visible gap between the plug and jack. The jacks on these players are very tight when new and many have had problems when the plug is not inserted fully. It sounds dumb, but it has happened to many of us here.

i want a program to edit the system programing to increase the volume

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