Volume Equalizer?

Volume is uneven, Some tracks are loud ( current Dance tracks, Current rock, etc…) while others are lower (older analog recordings ala pre-1990’s. Oldies, etc…)

Is there a compressor/limiter function that will raise the lower tracks volume and lower the hotter tracks volume so there’s a happy medium of consistancy?

I notice there’s been several posts about SanDisks low volume in general. Have they addressed the issue?

To be fair, the volume level at it’s peak is more than sufficient where headsets are concerned. It’s when you plug the player into your stereo that the volume is most inadequate.

Any help is appreciated.

If they are .mp3 files you can use MP3Gain to normalize the volume, but it doesn’t work on .wma, .flac, ogg or .wav.

SanDisk music players do not have low volume; quite the contrary actually . . . unless you live in Europe or otherwise set Europe as your region on the player. The EU has a db limit which all manufacturers of audio devices must adhere to in order to be able to sell their products in these countries.

Having said that though, if you live in Europe there’s a way around that volume limitation.

Wanting to use this player through a stereo system or large speakers though, you have to realize this puts out milli-watts of power. Enough for ear buds or some phones, but it’s not designed or equipped to do much else. It may need some help in the form of powered speakers, an AUX IN jack on your stereo (in order to tap into the amplifier there), or a headphone amp.

FYI I’m from Chicago . Just wanted to thank you for your keen insight.