Volume Max is set too low, Serious problem for those with cans.

I live in Canada, so I’m not sure if there is a volume limit imposed. Bottom line is, I have a great set of cans, but this players Max volume is sad. If SanDisk is concerned about high volume, why not simply have AVLS and enable it by default?

Either way, I’ve honestly considering giving this one to my mother, as she doesn’t need the volume I would like. (not insulting you guys, I’m being foreal)

For the record, I use Custom EQ, and this won’t be changing. Some of my MP3’s are quiet, yes, but that is why Max volume should be just that, MAX. I can turn the volume down after the song if need be; besides this, the volume is too low for my tastes even for standard MP3’s. Better more volume that you can choose not to use than have no choice or alternative, know what I mean?

I love this little player, but you guys need to fix the firmware to remove the volume barrier, or add a setting to increase the volume range outright.

Please, I wan’t to keep using your products, but for those of us that use cans this is a dealbreaker guys…

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To the other Sansa Express owners feeling the same way, please add a reply with your initials, or a comment, etc. to let the SanDisk Team know this is important to us. 

If the SanDisk Team is working on a solution please give me/us a quick post to let us know, thanks.

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I don’t really think cans were ever an intended use of this player.  On most units of this type, there’s a limit to how much power the DSP can handle - that’s why earbuds are ubiquitous in the embedded MP3 player industry.  If you want a good example, take a look at the developer discussions for RockBox on the Sansa e200.

I’ve even seen a number of players actually blow out their DSPs over time when driving an overly large pair of phones; it’s an industry-wide design issue.  Bear in mind, also, that cans are typically meant with higher-powered systems in mind.  I wouldn’t plug my earbuds into the big receiver in my living room, either.

Might I suggest you get/build a small amp to use with the cans?  I’ve heard great things about the “altoids tin” amplifier that you can find designs for all over the internets, and I think it’s a great idea in general.  There’s only so much that the miniscule amp in an embedded player can do given size/power/cost restraints, so IMO it makes perfect sense to step the signal up if you need serious output.

I agree with Kenny, if you are a serious enough audiophile to get reall good headphones, you really should get a headphone amp for any listening device or else you are not getting your dollar’s worth of quality out of the headphones.  Otherwise it is like watching only VHS movies on an HDTV.

I use Creative HN-700 noise-cancelling headphones with my SE and have no volume problem.  These headphones can boost the signal from the SE and have a separate volume control.  So I’ve experienced no problem with lack of volume.  Actually quite loud with both SE and headphone volume controls set at 60% volume.