Lost photos! 1 folder appears suddenly empty, should be 100's photos

I use the extreme portal ssd card to back up photos. I have a couple of folders which all have a couple of hundred photos in each. Except today, 1 folder is unexpectedly empty showing no data when connected to either macbook or ipad. They are photos of our baby so really want to recover them, is there a way???

Thanks in advance!

Hi Moran,
Last week I had a similar thing happen with a wedding video I’m editing in Adobe Premiere on my 2019 macbook pro (running Monterey). I edited for a few days, then one day I went to open the project, and the drive appeared to be empty. The drive had been plugged into my computer since I last closed the project. I tried disk util, and same thing. I had just purchased Disk Drill to recover a SD card that had been corrupted mid shoot. I was able to see, and recover the files through their software. I exchanged the drive at Best Buy, and the Geek Squad said that no one had come in with an issue yet with this drive, then asked if I pre-formatted the drive before using. I thought it was plug and play, so I had not. They said to format the new drixe as eX-fat. At first it worked fine, but within a couple of days it did the same thing on the 2nd drive. Ran it through Disk Drill , files still recoverable (thankfully I had everything backed up already). I looked at the disk and volume info and it said i was formated at MS DOS FAT, so i ran a format as exFat and again appeared as MS Dos Fat. Finally another format showed it succeded as ExFat. Going to give it one more go. If it does it again, I’m going to try Samsung. Hope any of this helped

  1. Same here. Luckily with EaseUS Recovery I got it all back but not sure I want to stay with Sandisk. SanDisk Extreme SSD Failure: Tips to Prevent from Further Damage

Sometimes, a device may not recognize files properly due to compatibility issues or file system errors. Connect the SSD card to another computer or a camera supporting external storage. Otherwise, you can try some photo recovery tools like Stellar or Recoverit.

If a device fails to recognize files due to compatibility issues or file system errors, consider connecting the SSD card to another compatible device, such as a different computer or a camera that supports external storage. Alternatively, you can explore the option of using photo recovery tools like Stellar or Recoverit to retrieve your files. :blush: