Less than 6 month old SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD has 300 GB of data on it but suddenly no files show

I was working on updating some files on my Extreme SSD last night when suddenly no files show on the sick. I’m on a Mac Mini with Big Sur. When I right click and chose get info it shows over 300 Gb of 1Tb used, but I can’t see any of my folders. I used the free download program RescuePro included with this Costco purchase, but it didn’t work. Tech support says I can send it in to their data recovery lab, for $100 diagnostic fee to start working on it.
Any suggestions on how I might access these folders?

Well, problem solved, at least partly. I took the drive to my laptop last night and it worked normally. I’m thinking an automatic OS update is the culprit and now wonder if it’s possible to update the drivers on Sandisk Extreme Portable SSDs. This is the 2nd drive I’ve had this problem with so far and have 1 more new one that replaced the 1st when I could use it.

Hi @Cheryle,

Please be informed that SanDisk®’s warranty does NOT provide for data recovery or reimbursement for data recovery services. The SanDisk® warranty covers the product itself but does not cover any damages (monetary loss claims) due to data loss.

Please contact the SD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting:

There are no drivers, it’s just a drive.

If powering a larger drive off usb, perhaps the port can’t handle the power demand, external drives tend to be more reliable when using a good self powered usb hub.


I just sent mine back to Amazon for the same exact thing. I bought this to offload my 2017 MacAir so obviously I deleted the files after moving them over. They were there and worked on them successfully for 2 weeks and all of a sudden this morning nothing. My first hint should have been when the volume name kept disappearing. I see someone response about plugging it into a USB hub. Regardless they should never just lose the data once it is committed, short of some failure for a few individual files.

I never had this issue with Spinning Media. Starting to question the reliability of External SSDs. I ordered 2 new drives, another brand, with half the storage on both and plan to replicate locally and to the cloud. Also my device was sitting on my desk plugged in the whole time, not out in some rainforest. Very Disappointed.

So sorry you went through this. I’ve gotten to the point where everything I have on mu desktop and laptop is backed up in Time Machine monthly and as individual folders on 4 peripheral drives, labeled “even” and “odd” months for each computer. I am memory impaired from an injury and need good systems to deal with life in general so I just added this to my routine.


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I am memory impaired from getting old :).
I just ordered 2 Samsung T7’s and will use one to work off of and one as backup and I will also backup to idrive which
I just signed up for. It’s like $79/year for 5TB of space. I signed up for $3.98 for the first year through Tom’s Guide.

Here is the link: https://www.tomsguide.com/best-picks/best-cloud-backup

I have an older timemachine with 2TB of storage but I worry because it is getting up there in age. In addition
my Mac has a 512 SSD which seems like a lot until you start importing gopro footage into imovie. Just shocked
that all of the data was gone.

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