Lost all my photos! Need help please

I use an Extreme Portal SSD card to store backup copies of my photos. Normally, each of my folders contains a couple of hundred photos. However, today I discovered that one of the folders is completely empty when I connect the SSD card to either my MacBook or iPad. These photos are precious memories of our baby, so I’m desperate to recover them. Is there any way to do this? Thank you in advance for your help! :neutral_face:


Firstly check for the Hidden Files (go to “Finder” > “Preferences” > “Show all filename extensions” and “Show all devices” in the sidebar) or try connecting your SSD card to a different computer or device to see if the folder and its contents show up. Otherwise, you may require a photo recovery tool like Stellar Photo Recovery to recover all your photos from your drive.


I do agree with your approach to troubleshooting the issue. Checking for hidden files and trying the SSD card on a different device can be a logical step without using any other tool.

And yes, if the method doesn’t work out, using any genuine & reliable photo recovery software (like the one you suggested here) seems like a practical solution to explore.

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