I own two sansa players: The e250 and the e 260.  I had issues with my computer a few months ago and in order to salvage it, I was forced to have almost every program erased, including the program that I used to put music onto my players.  I am not very fluent in computer language so its possible that the programming that I am looking for is available online but I can’t seem to find it anywhere! I am just looking for something that will help me to add and delete programs from the e250 and add to the e260.  I would just buy a new player but I got a bunch of accessories for Christmas for my current player… Can anyone help???

you can use any application you want to put music on them. all are available online. here are a few suggestions.

if you still have your own music  

Just drag and drop in windows explorer, Media Monkey, or Windows Media player

If you need to buy music or use a subscription service

Rhapsody or Napster

these are just a few there are tons of apps available. 

I’ve tried to use windows media player because that was suggested, but it won’t “show” the device.  On the player itself it says connected and my computer recognizes that there is a new device but it won’t show me what is on the player.  I feel like I’m making this super difficult but I never had any problems with it in the past…

Could it be you are using an old version of the Windows Media Player (9)? Try updating that to the latest version.The Sansa has two USB modes, MTP and MSC. If you connect it under MTP mode, it will not be recognized unless you have Media Player version 10 or above while if you connect it under MSC, it will be recognized as a removable storage device so even without Windows Media player it will be recognized and you will be able to drag and drop songs to it under explorer.

I have the e280 instalation disk version 1.3 from 2006. contains user guide and Sansa media converter if thats any use.