Sansa E280R Software??

I have the Sansa E280R Best Buy Rhapsody MP3 player that I have had for a few years.  I have not used is in quite a while and I dug it out to put some music on it and to delete some music.  However, I do not have the software to do this anymore or the CD that it came with that contains the software.  I can not see the files that are on it when I go to My Computer.  Is there a download somewhere or is there another option to do this?


There is no softwware necessary (or available) for this. You can simply drag & drop (copy & paste) your music files from your computer to the player, or use Windows Media Player to “sync” them to the device (although I don’t recommend it).

Try switching your USB mode (in Settings) to the other setting (Plays for Sure or Rhapsody), reconnect to your computer and see if the files on the player aren’t visible now. Your computer can only read one mode at a time.