e250R can't use

We own two Sansa e250R MP3 players. The problem is, neither of the discs that came with our players will load to our Vista OS computer. I am having no luck using the sync method through windows media player, it allows one way sync, but I can’t manage the files already on my player. I guess I need the original software link to my version, which I purchased through Best Buy (hack hack). If there are other media players that will allow me to merge to and from the player, I would be satisfied. As there are songs on my player that I do not want to lose. Is there a version of WMP that I should upgrade to, or another media center that will work? Or the link to the software to reinstall on my system.

I can’t even muster a reply here, let alone the tech support email service? I know someone has had the experience with this, which media player works the best, with the exception of Rhapsody?

The e250R is the Rhapsody version of the e200v1 device.  You are having trouble installing the Rhapsody client?  The version supplied on those CDs is as old as Julius Caesar anyway, don’t use the CD.

Use the CD as a handy windshield frost scraper or a “geek coaster” as I do.

The R version of the sansa has two USB modes available under a different name.  Go to Settings > USB Mode.

  • Plays For Sure is the same as MTP Mode
  • Rhapsody is the same as MSC Mode

Files that were loaded in one mode are not available when in the alternate mode, making transfer a realpickle unless you are in the correct mode.

A note on transfers using the Rhapsody 4 Client that you can download free from Rhapsody.com- you can manage the device using Rhapsody, even if you don’t subscribe and sign in.  You can download the latest client, far superior to the old obsolete one incidentally, and import your music library if you wish.

After selecting the appropriate mode, you can transfer your files using Windows Media Player, or even Windows Explorer, named simply “computer” in Vista.  If you have a Windows Explorer session open, and connect the device, open the Music folder to look for your music.  If the folder is empty, no worries, unplug, switch USB mode, and have another look.

If Plays For Sure does not work (the e200 will show up under other as a media player, without a drive letter assigned to it), you can fix the MTP driver by reinstalling or upgrading WiMP to WiMP11, much better.  MTP mode is part of Windows Media Player 10 and later.

Let me know if switching your sansa to the alternate mode reveals your music.  If MTP / Plays For Sure is not working, let me know, and I can guide you through the Windows part of the task.

No special drivers or software are needed for the sansa, just WiMP for the MTP capability if you use it.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue: