e240 and itunes

I recently bought a sansa e240. Unfortunately, all my music was on itunes, so only 3/4 of them got transferred over to windows media player when i plugged in my sansa. So, I decided to delete everything form my sansa and convert all my mp4 files to mp3. However, I’m not sure if the new converted songs will automatically add themselves to windows media player or not. Should I just plug in my sansa again and see what happens? Can i delete windows media player and re-install it so that i can start my library over? Or is there some way to sync itunes and windows media player? help!!

if you push the “F3” key while it windows media player, it will give you the option to search your entire computer for file types it is compatible with

I recently purchased my SanDisk and I am trying to put my tunes into albums.  They dont seem to go all under one album, for example I create a file call it bruce then I put the tunes in there (drag and click) the tunes seem to go elsewhere not all where I put them.  Please help.  I called the help desk and they dont seem to understand what I am asking. They had me reformat the Mp3 player and I lost everything that came with the Mp3 player.  Not what I wanted to do nor did that address the problem.  Help

Linda, your issue is with Id3 tags.

The player does not sort the information based you you dragging and dropping it into a folder called Bruce.

This video shows you how to edit the information on WMP11. They have a ton of videos on this page.

thanks ender!