converting downloaded music

I just bought my sansa 250. I have a bunch of music on my windows media player 11, that downloaded to my player just fine. But I have alot of itunes too, I have a program that converts itunes to mp3, but I still can’t figure out how get the converted mp3s to windows media so I can put them on my sansa.  Can someone please help me?

Is the problem that they are not showing up in the Windows Media Player library?  If so, you need to use the “Add to Library” function in Windows Media Player to make it scan your Documents and Music folders to add newly added or converted files to your WMP library (it’s one of the more tedious aspects of WMP - you can’t seem to just browse to a folder and say, “add this file to my WMP library”; it has to search by itself!)

Hello, We’re you able to get your itunes downloaded into your player and how did you do it? Also, could you give me the name of the software to covert itunes into mp3? Thanks, Tony