Looking for an AC to USB power adapter for Sansa clip

I have found a lot of AC to USB power adapters but they are all marketed for specific devices, IPOD, Zune, and an assortment of phones.  I cannot find any info in the weak SanDisk support page about what the Sansa Clip needs and can tolerate as far as power for recharging through the USB.  Does anyone know or is anyone using an adapter that works and has not burned up their Sansa Clip?


I’ve used the Creative Zen Stone Plus or Zen Stoe charger to charge up the Clip and all my other MP3’s that use mini USB connector.   It works quite well.   No problems so far.  As I recall it is a bit pricy about $30.00 for Creative.  I’ve see other, less fancy, plug in the wall units on EBay for arround $10…00 bucks.  You might check those out too.  Jim