AC Adapter for Charging Sansa Clip w/o Connecting to Computer

I purchased an AC adapter with a USB connector at Wal-Mart thinking any adapter would work to charge my Sansa Clip as long as it had the USB connector.  The adapter was “generic” for cell phones and electronic devices, and was the only one they carried with a USB connector.  While the adapter did work satisfactorily to energize and run the player without depleting the existing battery charge, it did NOT work to charge the player.   I returned the AC adapter for a refund and was reluctant to purchase and try a car adapter thinking it would probably work in the same manner.  The only way I have found to charge my Clip is with my computer – definitely not very efficicient! 


The Sansa Clip User Manual infers that I should be able to charge and listen to my player at the same time with an AC adapter.  However, it also states “Some low-power USB ports may not be able to provide enough charge power.”   Can anyone tell me:

1.   What specifications I should look for in purchasing an AC adapter and/or what kind to purchase that will work?

2.   Is this a charging voltage / milliamperage issue or is it perhaps a firmware issue?


I sure would like to be able to charge my Clip (and my wife’s Clip) without having to start and run my computer for six hours.   Will greatly appreciate any suggestions…Thanks! 

search or scroll down just a little for answers to this exact quest…

Thanks for the reply.  Believe it or not, I actually did read the other info before I posted my message.  I don’t really want to spend $30 for a Zen adapter.  The link provided in the other message shows a neat little AC adapter, but the responder doesn’t state if he/she has actually successfully used it for charging a Clip.  I’d like someone to be able to tell me a specific, reasonably priced adapter that they actually use for charging or what voltage / amperage I need to use so I don’t buy something off ebay and inadvertently fry my player.

fair enuf… before i posted, i found info on other sites… absolutely successful w/clip as well as other devices–zen etc…

if you click the link, look at the output, that is close enuf… chargers that have usb on output aint gonna fry anything made for usb–anything.

I’ve been using a ZIP-LINQ AC to 5V USB adapter.


Works great with the Clip and all my other mp3 players.

Looks like they have European and Australian versions also.

Your recommendation is good enough for me.   I think I’ll give this one a try.  Thanks once again. :smiley:

After doing a little more investigation, it looks like a power adapter (home or auto) for a Sansa Clip should have an output range of 5 to 6 VDC and 400 to 500 mA.  I saw some acceptable ones on eBay for $.99 each plus $3 to $5 shipping.  That’s not too bad.  Seems like I was the only one to have a problem with the one from Wal-Mart.   Maybe I should have researched first - then purchased. :wink:

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for usb . all i have ever seen is the 5± output…youre the only one who said it didnt work

I bought this A/C adapter


and this car cigarette lighter adapter


for about $10 including shipping. So far they seem to be working great.


OK - A few of us have tossed this one around on another board for a while.  Your thoughts on the following?

I have a wall to USB charger that has INPUT: 100-240V - 0.50 - 60Hz, 0.2A  OUTPUT: DC 5V === 1A  For I.T.E. use only. 

After reading the rest of this thread (and several others which are closely related), my charger seems to differ only in the amperage, with it being 50mA higher than the others.  Does this matter?  Would I damage my player if I use it?  Also, is it OK to leave it plugged in to charge, say, overnight or should one be diligent and unplug it as soon as it is fully charged?

I would really appreciate any insight!  Also, this same adapter came with a car end, which (of course) has no specs on it at all.  Do you think that it would be safe to use?  Oh, and don’t worry, I won’t come to sue any of you if I do fry my player.  Just wondering if you all had any ideas.

Thanks!  Merry Christmas!


The Adapter should be fine.

The clip regulates the charging current, and will shut it off when its done charging.  So no harm to leave it connected, and no issue as long as the Amperage is at least 200 ma,  should be fine.  Voltage needs to be 5 V.

i use ipod ac charger worx great… you can find these all over real cheap, if in doubt

Thanks, Sansafix!  Good news!  It’s also OK to use the car adapter, then?  I’ve looked all over it and can find no specs at all.

Sorry about my techno-idiotness (I just invented a word!).  I appreciate your patience!


I have used the car adapter.  For some reason mine makes some noises occasionally if I am playing back and charging in the car.

It charges the unit overnight just fine.

For anyone with a RAZR cell phone or one of several Motorola bluetooth earsets, the charger for those items produces 550mA at 5VDC, and does a great job of charging the Clip.


Question Regarding charging with AC adapter or Motorola razor charger vs using USB cable and PC -

On my PC when it is connected, the battery indicator shows it is charging by flashing bars across the indicator but when connected. When it is connected  to an AC USB charger or my razor car charger the clip battery inidicator just shows a solid inidicator (partially charged) it doesn’t flash bars across the indicator and doesn’t seem to charge.

I have updated the clip to the .18 latest firmware but the non PC chargers don’t seem to be working. Can anyone else confirm how the battery indicator acts when connected to an AC or DC charger?

If there is no animation the device is not charging.  Its likely the charger is not connected or powering the device, or else its fully charged.

 I have a motorola razor and it’s charger works great and is about 20.00 i’m putting up a link . Hope this helps someone


I concur with sansafix - no animation means it’s not charging.  However, I have tested and observed that battery icon animation occurs when I use either my AC or car RAZR charger.  With your car charger, did you have your ignition key in accessory or on position?  Does the car outlet work for other functions?  If there is no power to the outlet, the Clip won’t charge; but, it will display a non-animated, filled battery icon under certain conditions, even if the ignition switch is off (for example, if you turn the ignition switch on long enough to start the charging process, and then turn the ignition switch off).


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Can you use the usb charger that comes with the clip or do you have to buy a zip-linq retractable to use with the zip-linq ac adapter?