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Is there another way to charge a Sansa Clip?  We are going on a 10 day trip and will not be taking a computer along, and therefore will not have a USB port to plug the Sansa into to charge.

 Thanks in advance for your help.


There are travel chargers out there in the stores, which allow you to charge USB devices from the wall socket. Provided that you’ll have electricity on your trip, you could look into buying such a charger and use the data cable you’ve got with the Clip to charge it from the wall socket.

It should be available at stores that sell electronics, computers, etc. A wall charger would also allow you to use your clip while it’s plugged in rather than lock up in Data mode when it’s plugged into your computer. There’s a way around it on the PC, of course, but still. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you!!!  I knew someone would know.  I’m not very technically oriented.

Many USB wall chargers out there.  Try a search here (search box at the upper left); also readily available at, Wal-Mart, eBay, etc., and likely most/many electronics stores.  You just plug your USB cable from the Clip to the USB wall charger, which is plugged into the wall.

edit:  The sort of thing you want.  Note that this one has 2 USB connections; you only need one (and that’s what most adapters have–this one has an extra USB port as a bonus/convenience).

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There are car adapters as well.

For the AC adaptor only (the cable is different, made for the Sansa SlotRadio player), check this wee beastieout.

I like the AC USB adaptor packaged in the kit, only $14.99.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue: