Charging Sansa Clip

Is it possible to charge the Sansa Clip using a Powered USB Hub not connected to a computer? I have not been able to do it.

While I have not personally done this I see no reason it should not work providing the hub has an external power source .
I am using a usb wall charger for mine and it works just fine. I did read some comments however that the display will not come on for some chargers as it does on a computer charge.  It is never the less charging the unit.

 My display does come on when I use my wall charger.

Absolutely.  I have tried it with 2 different models.  Just plug it in and it charges.  If the clip is off to start with, it will come on and you must leave it on.  The display will come on, then go off, but the unit is still on (you can verify by pressing any button).  You can play music while it charges.  If you turn the clip off by pushing up the power switch, it will cease to charge.


Thanks for both replies I received. I bought 2 of my sons the Clip and powered 4 port 2.0 USB’s for Christmas. They both report that the “connected” message flashes but they can leave it plugged in overnight and the unit won’t charge. I tried all 4 ports with the same result. They can however charge from a PC. I have a Mac and froze one of the units up trying to use it with the Clip.  Best buy gave me a new one, no questions asked. My best guess is that the USB’s I bought are not the proper output needed.

I am not sure why yours didn’t work I am sorry.

In the future if your clip locks up as yours did. Just hold the on switch forward for about 15 seconds or more and the clip will reboot. This lockup is quite typical and doesn’t mean anything is wrong with the clip. Mine locked up as well when it was first used. It is fine now. Much as you did I thought it was toast but after reading the online manual I saw it was fixable.

Just an aside…you can get an AC USB wall charger on Ebay for about $4 delivered if this helps. They have wall and car chargers available together for about $8 delivered.

I bought my wall/car USB chargers  ( 2 separate devices in one package) from Walmart for about $10 because I was in a hurry. Mine has an output of 1 Amp at 5 VDC which is higher than the usual 300-500ma variety. It seems to charge my Clip a lot faster than with my computer USB port and uses a lot less energy than the computer.

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