Battery charge

My sansa clip wont charge all the way every time I unplug it I can’t turn it on and when I plug it in the come it needs to charge more after I charge it all the way before.

If youhave a wall charger for a cell phone with the same connector, this works. Just leave the Clip plugged in over night. I ran my battery low and it would not charge through the USB port. I frequently charge this way with no damage to the Clip

As Rich said.   Try plugging it into a cell/mobile phone charger with the mini usb connector.  

If the display lights up while plugged into the computer,   but while its disconnected it won’t display anything at all.  It could be an issue with some players having a broken battery connection.   Search the forum for other posts about disconnected battery…

Also any USB extenders, in between your Clip and your computer can limit the ability to charge using your computer.    And front ports on a Desktop computer may not charge (deliever enough current) as rear USB ports on ur compurer.   Try plugging into the rear ports of a desktop.      Plugging it into a laptop to charge maybe limited also. as laptops turn off ports not in use or while the laptop goes into sleep mode etc, to save power.