Problem charging Sansa Clip

When I am charging my Clip off the computer, I get the connected screen and the flashing battery indicator.  After awhile I will unplug the USB cable and the battery charge level hasn’t increased anymore then just about 50%. I am also on the computer at the same time so that it doesn’t go into hibernate or sleep mode. Tried using other comperable cables and other computers USB ports with the same result?

Is the port that you are using a USB 2.0? I don’t think you can charge on a USB 1.0 port.

Is the computer a desktop? If so, use a port in the back, not the front. Front ports may not provide enough power.

Is the computer a laptop? Laptop ports may not be powered if the computer is running on battery power. Plug the laptop into an AC power source.

In either case, plug the player directly into a port on the computer, not a hub. Hubs don’t provide enough power for charging unless the hub has its own power source.