Clip won't play when on AC charge via USB


I’ve just taken delivery of my Clip to use permanently connected to AC power using the supplied USB cable with an adapter that plugs into the mains power.  It’s just a 3 pin plug with a USB socket on it.

When plugging the Clip in, it just charges and won’t play.  I’ve tried searching for other experiences, but no-one is using this power supply solution.  Can anyone help?



Hmm.  There must be something weird about your AC USB adapter.  As long as only the outer two USB pins are connected (these are the power pins) the player should charge but still operate normally.  If the inner two pins are connected (the data pins) the player will only charge.  Normally the inner pins are only connected when plugged into a real USB port.  Your adapter must be supplying a voltage on the data pins as well.

You can sometime get around this by only pluggin the USB cable into the computer/AC adapter port half way as the power pins connect before the data pins.  Or you can use tape or paper to block the inner pins.

Thanks very much Skinjob, I blanked the two inner pins with a piece of paper and it works as expected.