Connection/Charging problem


I’ve got an 8gb clip which i love if i could connect/charge it!! sos!

When connecting to my PC it comes up with an error pop up on my pc saying usb not recognised (now it won’t even come up with that). Also the clip says it is connected and but the yellow bar isn’t charging.

There is no power left on the player so I cannot check what mode it is in but think it may be auto detect, I can’t change it back to msc.

I don’t have an ac plug thus cannot charge it that way, my only option is the usb cable which won’t seem to recognise on pc :(

It has connected in the past which is the frustrating thing as it has fully charged and I also managed to transfer files from pc to the clip.

Please help!! Thanks in advance

Try a different cable. There may be 1 or more broken wires or bent pins.