Computer not recognizing Newly Brought Clip, Charging symbol not showing

**I just received my new Sansa Clip 4GB via Amazon purchase a few hours ago.  I’m starting to become worried about my product though as I seem to be having a problem getting it to charge

I connected the player to my laptop (Windows 7) via the usb cord that came with it and for 3 seconds or so a peacock array of colors showed on the screen, then it went black.

There was no recognition of the device via sound or listing on my computer.

The manual that comes with the player states it might take up to 30 mins for the “Connected Icon” to show up on fully drained devices, but it has been well over a half an hour and I still haven’t seen a symbol on my player

Any help would be greatly appreciated**

Was your notebook plugged into AC power? If not, try that. Many notebooks put out low power to the USB ports and revert the USB ports to USB1 when they are running on battery power.

Also, if your computer was not on, you might try charging with the power on and the laptop running.

Thank you for responding.

Yes my computer is on and it is plugged in to an AC outlet

I’ve tried both of the USB ports on the computer to no avial, and rebooted my laptop aned recived no change.

I don’t have another computer to try to test out, but I’ve also tried charging it via the Fios STB’s I have the USB ports on my xbox and still recive no change 

Do you have a different cable you could use, or a cell phone charger you could try charging it with?