Charging sansa clip

Just a couple of questions about charging my sansa clip. I’ve had a look around, but they don’t seem to be answered in the manual, and I couldn’t find any clear answers elsewhere.

  1. I can transfer files to the player via my UBS1.0 port, and this works fine (I’m happy with the speed etc.). I couldn’t work out if it was charging, though. Does USB1.0 provide enough power to charge it, and how much longer might it take (over 2.0)?

  2. The manual suggests using an AC adapter. Will any mini-usb adapter work (e.g. multipurpose ones or those that come with phones), or is it more complicated than that?


usb 1.0 can be hit or miss if it is going to charge the player. just look at the battery symbol when it is connected. if it is moving from empty to full then the player is charging. I have an old tmobile dash charger that works fine with my clip but any ac adapter with a usb port will work.