Charging the Sansa clip

Maybe this is a retarded question, but since the only thing I got along with my sansa clip (except the manual and the CD) was the USB cord, I’m trying to charge it by plugging it into the computer. Shouldn’t there be some kind of “recharging” icon on the display? It’s just…dead. I supposed it was the battery that was out when it didn’t start up today, but shouldn’t the computer at least recognize it? It worked earlier, but now my computer doesn’t recognize it at all, and the display doesn’t show anything. Did it stop working already? A week after I bought it? I know it was inexpensive, but I didn’t expect this.

you have to have a highspeed usb port to charge the sansaclip player because i have had mine on my computer for 2 full days and it will charge until it hits 71% then it will drain the power why does it do that ?