My 8MB Clip has stopped charging, help.

Suddenly my Clip has stopped charging. The lights make it look as if it is charging but when I turn it on and start playing, the battery just goes flat v. quickly. What can I do ? I charge it from the USB on my computer.


How long are you letting it charge?

Are you using a desktop or laptop?

Have you tried different USB ports?

Have you tried a dedicated AC - USB charger (like from a cell phone)?

Is it a Clip (original) or Clip+?

If original Clip, how old is it? Has it been used a lot? Could be that the battery is just plum, tuckered-out.

It is a Clip

I have tried different USB ports on different computers both desk tops

I have tried different cables

It is nearly 2 years old but I only use it once a day for about half an hour or less. 

I hope the battery is not PTO as for over 50 quid it should last a lot longer than that. 25 quid a year is too expensive for any gadget. 

Before I go for ani-Pod, is nothing I can do except buy another?

Will your player play if plugged into the AC?  If so, sounds like a battery lead to the battery could have become undone.