What should I do?

I got a brand new Sansa Clip+ 8GB about yesterday evening and charged it up and got it unpulged before I went to bed. It was working perfectly and I placed it in a safe spot where nothing could fall on it. nor chould it fall. I woke up about 5 hours ago and it was not coming on. Since it wasn’t moved, I’m 100% sure that nothing touched it.

I tried 2 computers for recharging it, I tried changing out the charge cable for an extra I had on hand. Still nothing. Since this is brand new and didn’t last for a full 24 hours before it died, what should I do about it? I don’t want to buy a 2nd one so soon and I’m at a lost about this.

Never Mind. I got it to work at last. I didn’t need to do it last night but it seem that I need my Windows Media Player on for this to charge. I never had this kind of limit set to an MP3 before and I think that this limit is one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen. It makes an unnecessary hasle for a great device. 

*Sigh* I’m glad that it wasn’t busted but really, that is something that I got a cuss word for. Made me worry over something really dumb.

You should not need WMP for the player to charge–have bever heard that one before (and none of my Clips works thät way).

If it was fully charged when you went to sleep there should have been some charge left 5 hours later.

Try going to Settings/System Settings/USB Mode and switch to MSC and see if it charges from the computer that way. It should show onscreen that it is charging.

You could try reloading the firmware; there is a sticky thread near the top of the first forum page with links and instructions .

You might also exchange it if it will only charge with WMP. It’s under warranty. That is just plain weird behavior.