Loading Audible files on to Clip sport

One of the supported file format for the Clip sport is Audible. How do I load the file on to the device? I am not able to activate the device to load the file 

When the Zip first came out, there was a similar issue, with Audible taking time to add the player to its “approved list.”  I wonder if that is happening here.  I would contact Audible about this.  Note:  the last time, Audible blamed SanDisk, but the fault really lay with Audible . . . .

If your computer recognizes your mp3 player but Audible does not, you probably need to update your firmware.  You can do this by following these steps:

Remove external memory card

Turn on mp3 player, go to Settings, then to Info to check your firmware version - in order to play Audible books, you must have  version 1.29, most Clip Sport’s come with version 1.27

To update firmware go to this link and download the .hex file.  


Save .hex file some place easy to find, like the desktop

DO NOT try to open this .hex file.

Connect your mp3 player to pc/laptop via USB port

To transfer this file to your player you must have at least a 50% charge on your player

Right click the .hex file and choose Send To mp3 player/Clip Sport

Go back into Settings, Info on the mp3 player to make sure the firmware version has been updated to version 1.29

Reinsert your external memory card

Audible will now be able to recognize your mp3 player - enjoy!


I tried so many things and this was the one that finally worked. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Couldn’t be happier.

Now that this is 2017, and the firmware version is 1.36, this no longer seems to work. I have updated to firmware version 1.36 and still cannot activate my Clip Sport through Audible.

I had the same issue regarding Audible. I checked Clipsport firmware setting and it was 1.12 so I followed instructions to the letter to update firmware in order to properly utilize Audible on Sandisk Clipsport. After the device read “Update successful” it powered down on it’s own. I waited  few minutes and powered it on to check the firmware settings and to my surprise the device will not turn on at all. Any thoughts? 

Sorry about that TT!  I had the same issue this year and I could not find a solution - well, I did find one just not a solution to make my Clipsort work…I gave up trying to use it, installed a micro USB card in my phone and now I just download my  Audible books to my trusty cellphone!

 I know this isn’t any help to you - but I got so frustrated with ScanDisk, I simply gave up!

Thank you my friend. I will not give up on this. The device is new and I use this type of device as part of my healing therapy as I recover from multiple disabilities so I will exahaust all options. I have found in another threaad that several users had problems with devices freezing up after firmwre updates. This gives me a bit of hope. If no solution is found after all options are exhausted, I will return the device for exhange or refund. I persevere through all adversity and encourage others to do the same.