Sandisk Clip Jam won't activate on Audible

I’ve followed previous advice on forum to complete this process but the Clip Jam will not activate on Audible.  Audible Manager says the device is activated.  The device says it needs to be activated.  

I uploaded the upgrade file only to realise that I’d uploaded the Clip Sport so it is now calling itself Sport.  I then reset the device and uploaded the Clip Jam upgrade but it is still calling itself Sport and is STILL saying that the device needs to be activated.  This is very frustrating and time consuming.  Advice would be appreciated please.


i had the same problem and the issue was that I had exceeded the number of devices allowed by audible. There is no way to reset the number of devices you have activated other than calling audible and having them reset the account. I would suggest contacting audible support and have them reset the number of activated devices. after that is done the activation should work.