LG Smart TV does not detect new Sandisk Cruzer Glide 64 GB

As per title

I have already formatted the key (which i bought today) to NTFS and it won’t automatically show on my LG menu when i insert it.

PC Windows 10 detects it just fine. The LG TV software is up to date. I have already tried rebooting the tv and trying different ports.

I have a few other NTFS Sandisk pendrives (Cruzer Edge 32 GB) that always worked with zero problems.

I cannot use FAT32 because some of the files are too large.

Please advise.

As always, i deleted the Sandisk security folders because i don’t care about those before formatting. However, the deletion process hung up at about half completion for a few seconds, which is unusual. 

Could it be that the pendrive is now treating any of the files i put on it as secure content?



According to this LG link the TV does indeed support NTFS format drives. http://www.lg.com/hk_en/support/product-help/CT20136005-1436499459857-connecting-external-devices


But it also says: 

“It is recommended that you use a USB Flash Drive of 32 GB or less or a USB HDD of 2 TB or less.”




"It is recommended that you use a USB hub or hard disk drive with a power supply.

(If the power supplied is not sufficient,  the USB storage device may not be detected properly.) "


For more information try this link http://bfy.tw/FQy1

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Try formatting it as exFAT.

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Yeah, i actually solved it by trying exFAT shortly after posting yesterday.

Thanks anyway for your replies.

I solved it by trying exFAT too.

Glad to hear those old responses helped you carla.