Latest e200 firmware version ???

Sansa’s website indicates versions as follows:

Latest e200 firmware versions:
Added languages and support for various accessories for your Sansa e200 MP3 player.  

After using firmware updater (I believe it ran correctly… can’t really be sure about this… since it appears to hang as others in this forum have noticed…)   anyway,   after using it, the firmware version on my device is only *.18A     How do I get it to *.20P  ???

I have the 4GB e200.

Thanks in advance.

My understanding is that the last letter of the firmware version stands for the part of the world that it is intended to support.  For example, A stands for the US, E stands for Europe, etc.  If you live in the US, then your device is correctly updated if it has the latest firmware that is followed by the letter A.