Just bought a Sansa Fuze...and a problem installing it

 I tried using the disc that came with it, but it’s just a Best Buy music store installer. I connected it to my comp and used hardware wizard to get the drivers and this popped back:

An Error Occurred during the installation of this device
A Service installation section in this INF is invalid

 What is going on? XP makes three low-sound chirps when I connect it, and makes the disconnect sound when I disconnect it. 

Be sure you have Windows Media Player 10 or 11 installed.  I prefer 11.  The download can be found here:  LINK

Just to be clear, no special drives are necessary.  MSC mode will work out of the box with just about any OS.  MTP mode will work as long as you have WMP 10 or 11 installed.

And just to be clear, you change this USB mode on the Sansa from the main screen in settings, then USB mode.

Switch to MSC mode under Settings/USB mode and it will work like any USB thumb drive. You should be able to see it in My Computer as Sansa Fuze.

Make sure you are connecting the cord directly to the computer, not a USB hub, and if you have a choice of port use one closer to the back of the computer to get the most power from the port.  

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Thank you, we had the same problem and solved it thanks to you…