Issues connecting to PC and Clip will not format itself

My Clip has been working fine up until now.

Now it boots really really slow and takes forever to refresh the database.

When connect it to my PC (in MSC mode) Windows reports that the USB device is malfunctioning and the Explorer shell hangs as it tries to read the drive.

Eventually it shows up but Windoze Explorer hangs trying to access the drive. It does show the “charging” animation, however.

I’ve tried doing a soft reset, resetting from the System menu, formatting the drive from the Clip’s System menu. 

Reformatting it  seems to work in that after completion everything reports “[empty]” but System Info reports ~800MB in use.

Then if I power cycle the Clip all my audio files show up in the menu and I can listen to them. So its not formatting.

I was able to fix a similar problem before by reformatting it but this is not working now.

Please help. This is frustrating as hell as I need to put new audiobooks on it. 

We’ll I’m back to using my old Creative Muvo for now.

I coul’d deal with this if there was a way to do a hard reset that would set it back to factory defaults but this really sucks being stuck like this.

It sounds like you have a lot of stuff going wrong all at once, I would call Sandisk tech support. And call them dont e-mail!

Well, I was hoping I could get help on here but it’s not seeming to be the case.

The Reason I suggest tech support is that so much seems to be happening at once, trying to isolate the cause and work thru every issue could make things worse or at least reasult in a major headache for you. Calling could get you a simple fix.