Isn't there a way to covert video files on to the sansa fuze using QUICK MEDIA CONVERTER?

Isn’t there a way to covert video files on to the sansa fuze using QUICK MEDIA CONVERTER?

Not Really. The only definitive way ot add videos to the fuze is SMC. Rhapsody will do this too but I dont know that its faster.

Hey can rhapsody really do the converting???WOW didn’t know about that!

THANKS conversionbox you are a real guru.

I dont know I wont touch it.

I think the question refers to Quick Media Converter, a freeware program (I just had a look at version 3.65).

This application looks interesting.  What it’s designed to do is transcode one video format to another, just like AnyVideoConverter does.  You can also change things like audio, aspect ratio, rates, etc.

This program can be useful to change a troublesome file over to something that the Sansa Media Converter is happier with.

Still, for video programs from DVD, they need to be decoded before transferring to the Sansa.

There are two possible paths to transfer your video to the Sansa: the Sansa Media Converter, or Rhapsody 4.

Please note, you can use the downloaded Rhapsody client without logging in, or subscribing, to transfer video to the Fuze.  Simply click on the import button, and point the client to your video files.  Once they are imported into the library, you drag and drop the video to the Fuze.

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wow, this is so cool, i didnt know you could do that with rapsody, see, i learn a new thing every day, thank you for this info!! kittykatt67

Sorry for stupid question, just got my Fuse from comp usa 3 days ago.  50% off. But i got home no user guide at all or cd romI download music videos youtube, watch video on computer and listen to the music. So i pay nothing at all for music , 100 music videos downloaded on computer and the fuse, i transfer the music 100 songs on it. MP3 mode. So now all songs are split when i hook up it takes the video out but converts the music to mp3 , got 100 song free to listen.


So i download the user guide from Sandisk. But im a computer guy 53 yrs old, but codecs im learning and this little player is great. Music sounds great on fuse, I watch  the videos on my comp 19" and listen to my bose speakers its like being at 10 concerts, King of Leon, (use somebody, official video) are great songs and great video, im a rocker, you look like a rocker in avatar. Im a rocker and computer geek, i saw Hendrix live what a genius. Chicago


Thanks for your time Tony  i learn more looking at your forum posts answers you give.

Replying to ancient posts won’t help you. Open a new thread for your problem.

Hello, I used Any Video Converter (program from  It should be outputed as avi. I tried it as mp4 and would not work. Then I added it to SMC and was able to convert it.  The whole process for a 6 minute clip was about 10 - 12 minutes depending on the speed of your computer. Mind you, I was using an old Dell computer with XP pro.  I am not sure how it would work with VISTA or Windows 7.  But, I am pretty satisfied with the results.  

Thanks i download you tube music videos for free, free great music, then i download the mp3 music to fuse  but no need for the video.   I get the music free on fuse, sansa media converter, splits the video and converts the music to mp3.


I just got fuse 3days ago so thats why i ask, i dont know how it take the video off and i get the music mp3 on fuse.



but the music /video is great on my Dell desktop with bose speakers. the sound and video is like going to a concert for every artist.


Tony i didnt get a manual in the box, so best buy gave me $30.00 off the price. I got the manual on sandisk pdf.

guch wrote:


Tony i didnt get a manual in the box, so best buy gave me $30.00 off the price. I got the manual on sandisk pdf.

Well, those Best Buy moron’s loss is your gain then. The manual doesn’t come with any of them. :smileyvery-happy: