Is my Clip totally dead?

Hi Gang.

So I was running today with my Clip as I have for the last several weeks. Everything was fine for about 90 minutes, and then the song started skipping, as though I were listening to a skipping CD and not a MP3. Finally it quit playing altogether.

I looked at the screen and everything seemed normal. I could press the buttons to advance and go back in songs, but nothing actually played. (Plenty of battery BTW, I just disconnected it from the computer right before running.) So I turned it off and figured I’d look at it later.

Now here it is later. The Clip won’t turn on with the power switch.

Connecting it to the computer with the USB cable also does nothing. 

The Clip does not show up in “My Computer,” nor do I see it appear as a “USB Mass Storage Device” in Device Manager.

Holding the power for 15 seconds does nothing.

Not sure where to go next.

Thanks in advance!


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Take it back to the place of purchase if under 30 days or give Support a call and request an RMA.

Since the device does not turn on and is not recognized, their is not much to troubleshoot.

Okay, I had some hope…  Thanks!

I have the same problem with a slight twist.  The Clip will not start nor does the computer recognize it in My Computer via the USB cable connection, but when connected it does show two new “Removable Disk” entries (drives H and I) beyond the hard drives and optical drives, neither of which will open or display the properties.

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First try a soft reset on your Clip: hold the power button in the ON position and release.  The device should reset; see if it responds normally after that.

Then, plug in to your PC and see how it is recognized.  Are you using MSC mode?  The assignment of two logical drives leads me to think that one of the bits is set incorrectly, making the PC think that you have a device with removable µSD card capability.  This is quite possible, since the e200v2 and Fuze are employing the same processor.

If you can address the Clip normally in MSC mode, I’d then try reinstalling the latest firmware.  Reinstalling the firmware will reset the device ID data as a Clip, and may solve your issue.  Note that a firmware update will NOT affect your music data- it will all still be there for you.

The one change that WILL happen is that the Clip may be set to the default USB MTP communications mode.  If this is the case, and you loaded in MSC, you won’t see your music from the PC. 

Simply reset your preference on the Clip via Settings > USB Mode.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

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