Internet Radio Won't Stream: Sansa Connect and D-Link DIR-655

I have the same problem with my Sansa Connect as in this post:

It’s a D-Link DIR-655 wireless router, fimware v1.11

The WiFi connection is made, radio stations and artwork appear, but the stations just say “Connecting…” or result in an error message and fail to stream any music.

I have tried updating to the latest firmware and toggling all the ALGs in the D-Link’s firewall settings (including MMS) to no avail.  I don’t see any sort of “gaming mode” to enable in the settings.  Has anyone gotten their Sansa Connect to stream internet radio with this router or have any suggestions? 

Try the FAQ here:

If configuring the MSS option doesn’t work, try manually creating a rule as described in the FAQ.


Here is a little more specific FAQ for the D-Link Routers. The DIR-655 firmware must be new release. I assume it is the same as v1.10 for this problem and will test it tonight. Early versions of DIR-655 had Application Gateway preselects, but after v1.05 you need to create the rule specified in below in the Advanced > Application Rules.

Q: Are there any problems with D-Link Routers? My Connect won’t stream Internet Radio.

A: Some D-Link routers are known to be problematic when streaming Internet Radio with your Sansa Connect. If you are unable to stream Internet Radio, your D-Link router may need one of the following configuration changes depending on your D-Link model and firmware.

1) Enable Gaming Mode: Login to your router, navigate to Tools>Misc. and then enable gaming mode.

  a. Affects Models DI-5xx, DI-6xx and some DI-7xx

  b. Option not available on DI-624 (rev E) & DI-624M models

2) Disable MMS Application Level Gateway support: There is a problem using this configuration option in the DIR model routers. Login to your router, navigate to Advanced>Firewall. Scroll down to Application Level Gateway Configuration and uncheck the MMS selection box.

  a. Applicable to Models DIR-625, DIR-635, DIR-660

  b. Applicable to Model DIR-655 with firmware v1.05 or lower

3) For Model DIR-655 running firmware v1.05, v1.10, v1.11 or higher (or any DIR model firmware that does not have Application Level Gateway Configuration options); Enable the following rule in Advanced>Application Rules.

     - Name: MMS

     - Trigger: 1755  Traffic Type: both

     - Firewall 1024-5000,504  Traffic Type: UDP

     - Schedule: Always